Short video of Clinched widebody Lexus 2IS


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Our buddy Eldridge Cortes made a short clip of Bowie’s Lexus. Thanks for checking it out.


Kris Hollywood | Lexus RC-F


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Chris’ Solar Flare Orange Lexus RC-F is a magnificent automobile. According to Lexus, RC stands for “Radical Coupe”. In stock form the car is beautiful. But after adding suspension and a set of Vossen wheel, the car really became his. “It’s awesome when you have a vision in your mind how you want something to look and bam there it is”.

A little info about the exterior of the RC-F, the front-end mirrors the GS midsize sedan for handling purposes. The mid section echo the last generation IS convertible as it provides rigidity and short wheel base. The rear is the look of the current IS. The engine is a naturally aspirated 5.0-L V8, packing 467 hp and 389 lb-ft of torque

IG @kris_hollywood

Bowie Tran | Lexus IS250 widebody DIY


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I bought my 2011 Lexus IS250 F-Sport in 2016 from a dealership in FL. I had it shipped to my house. It was beautiful even in stock form. Ultrasonic Blue has always been one of my favorite color

First major modification was the installation of air suspension which includes Ridetech ProRide air management system, with Viair compressors and D2 double bellow bags. The Air Suspension was installed by Matthew Meadow of Insomnia Motorsports in Apex, NC. Matt really hooked me up since we’re in the same car club. My buddy AJ Abraham and my brother Anh Tuan helped tremendously

Having Air suspension allows me to drive at ride height but also to slammed the car to the ground… well, almost to the ground

Next mod was a set of Leon Hardirritt Beil 19×10+27 and 19×10.5+6 wrapped with 225/35/19 and 235/35/19

That was my setup for about a year until I caught wind of the Clinched widebody kit being made in Russia. I immediately fell in love with it

After waiting for nearly a year from ordering, it finally arrived. I enlisted the help of my good friend Eric Norman, as we both tackle the task of installing it

………… D-DAY

After test fitting the Clinched kit we proceed to drill and insert rivnuts

Each body panel was test fitted and carefully placed. Shoutout to my buddy Morgan Darnell for lending us the Rivnut tool and Cleico pins

The car begins to take shape once the kit is mounted. The front lip is especially challenging to fit since Clinched did not make a compatible lip for the F-Sport version

There’s always time to stop and take pictures, and drink more beer

We also installed a hovering kit to help lift the car whenever we need to work on it. Best mod by far.

Since the lip isn’t compatible with the fog light housing, we decided to trim the housing to make it fit. This is the before pic

Test drove the car with the kit on for the first time. Everything felt solid

Now that the widebody panels are in place, it’s time to focus on trimming the wheel well to accommodate our wheel setup

Oh yeah, and install the duck bill spoiler too

Sparks are flying, there’s no return now

First the front, now the rear. Be sure to apply cover for the interior to prevent metal shavings from destroying the glass and leather

We did not trim enough the first go round. I eventually have to trim several more times to obtain the necessary clearance

Now we focus on prepping the kit for paint. First step is to wipe everything down with isopropyl alcohol. Then sand it with Scotch gray sponge. After some cleaning I realized I better let the pro do the prep and paint stuff. So we enlisted Chris Gifford from Young’s Motorsport in Mooresville, NC (Home of NASCAR country).

I ordered my Workmeister S13P from Work Wheels in Japan. helped with the transaction. It took about 4 months for it to arrive. The wheel spec are 18×10-33 18×11.5-52. I want to thank Peter Phothisen for helping me calculate the correct size for my setup. Now Time to test fit the wheel and calculate tire size

The wheel fits to my liking. Now onto researching the right size tires and size. I want the best and most reliable tires so I went with Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+

Not much room for error

Lip to fender, check

This is how the car will sit on the lowest air ride setting

Got this Tom’ Racing ISF replica rear diffuser

The 14-piece kit was delivered to Young’s Motorsport for some top-of-the-line paint job by none other than the amazing painter Chris Gifford

While we wait for the kit to get painted, I ordered a set of Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ from KTD 245/40/18 and 285/35/18

Loctite were used to provide the necessary seal protection for the air line. Some Muteki super tuner nuts arrived, ready to hold these wheels in place…with style

Meanwhile Chris ordered the Ultra Sonic Blue paint needed for the job. The paint was color matched professionally to ensure the perfect match

Ureflex Premium Clear Coat were used to prevent premature paint cracks once applied on ABS plastic as it faces temperature changes throughout the year.

In no time Chris had the bodykit panels prepped and ready for paint

My jaw dropped when I saw a pic that Chris sent of the final product. 🤩

The rear diffuser came out looking amazing. A combination of gloss black with metallic blue flakes to compliment the car’s USB color. WOW

Now back to more cutting and trimming the wheel well

The rear wheel well is made up of two layer of metal. Therefore we have to carefully cut and weld it together for a tight seal to prevent water damage

Seam sealant were applied along the welded seam

Body panel Rubber guard outline the kit to provide the necessary protection and create a nice seal between the widebody and the car

This is the first look of the painted Clinched widebody on the car. It is coming together nicely. Oh so I thought…

Unfortunately I ran into a huge rookie mistake, I didn’t test fit the wheel with tires on the car before I got the kit painted. Michelin tires happen to have the largest side wall and lip guard. Therefore my tire setup did not clear the wheel well.

I spent a considerable amount of time trimming the already painted kit to make the tires fit, without luck. My buddy Matthew Meadow from Insomnia Motorsports happened to have a set of Workmeister S1p3 in a different tire size that I can use to help figure out an appropriate tire replacement.

This is Matt’s chromed out Workmeister with 245/35/18 Achilles tires, mounted with two 1″ spacers

Here’s my Workmeister with 245/40/18 Michelin tires. In order to help keep the same aspect ratio with the rear setup, I decided to go with 245/35/18 as opposed to 225/40/18

Matt also pointed out that my car was missing the front bumper support, so we ordered a replacement.

Back to more trimming, which includes relocate the bumper tab mounting point

Despite switching to a lower profile tires, I still haven’t create enough clearance, so more trimming

Poor calculation leads to so much extra work, but that’s part of the fun

Finally the wheel fits and I can test drive the car. I went from Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ 245/40/18 285/35/18 to 245/35/18 265/35/18. Thanks to our buddies at Exotics Inc. for coming through and order my replacement tires with gusto

First car photo shoot at Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. It rained shortly after

Second photo shoot at Richard Childress Vineyard in Lexington on my way back from picking up the painted rear diffuser

Now time to mount the diffuser. It’s a bit tougher without a second hand to help

I added our Team RPM crest over the start button. Fits perfectly

More grinding to get better wheel clearance

Rust-oleum flat sealant paint were applied to the wheel well to prevent rust On Saturday June 16th 2018 my car was ready to join the rank of other Team RPM members as we attend Dank Fest, an event hosted by our good friends from Wilkesboro Crew.

Ben Trinh | Ferrari F430 Spider


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Our buddy Ben Trinh is the proud owner of this magnificent Ferrari F430 machine. Boasting a 4.3 L V8 engine with 6spd manual, this car puts out 480hp and a top speed exceeding 196mph. It achieve a respectable 0-60mph in 3.6sec.

Produced from 2004 to 2009 by famed Italian car maker Ferrari, it was the successor to the Ferrari F360.

Rust-proof Clinched widebody Lexus IS250 wheel well


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After much cutting and welding of the 2IS wheel well to accommodate the deep dish Workmeister, it’s time to spray some Rust-oleum flat acrylic enamel to help prevent rust. You never want to have exposed metal in an area that will come in contact with water on a regular basis.


Dank Fest, will you be there?


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Next weekend our crew will be attending a local show, Dank Fest. The show is hosted by our good friends from Wilkesboro Crew. They are expecting massive participants. The show will be taking place at LJVM coliseum in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Looking forward to seeing some of you guys there. Stop by our booth and say Hi.